Post 1/17/11

The Oklahoma Climbing Team returned from Iowa where they competed in the USA Climbing, American Bouldering Series (ABS) Regionals competition.

Complete results for all team members are posted HERE.

The competition took place at the Climb Iowa climbing gym in Grimes, Iowa on Saturday, January 15. As with all Regional competitions this was an “onsight” format. Each climber waited in “isolation” until their turn and then they were faced with climbing three boulder problems in a limited amount of time for each problem. Each problem is not seen until the climber turns around and their 5 minutes of climbing time begins for the problem. They have as many attempts as they want but the number of attempts are recorded and become part of their overall score. Points are given based on how far the climber gets on the boulder problem.

Overall we had 9 out of 12 team members competing at Regionals – Elizabeth was out due to injury, Natalie did not qualify due to missing a local competition due to illness and Hannah moved to California. Of the 9 team members competing, 7 of them placed high enough in the qualifying round to advance to the finals round in their category. Those were: Emily (Female Youth A), Caitlin (Female Youth C), Bibi (Female Youth C), Chloe (Female Youth D), Judith (Female Junior), Nic (Male Youth B), and Theo (Male Youth D). Bailey (Female Youth C) and Colby (Male Youth A) did not qualify for finals but still made a great showing in the first round.

Finals were held in the afternoon and proved to be quite a showdown, with many of our team members having the added pressure of having to perform better in the Finals than in the Qualifiers in order to move up in rank. It was impressive to watch them all try SO incredibly hard. Each managed to either hold their place or move up in rank. In the end Chloe and Theo took 1st place in their categories (Youth D Female, and Youth D Male, respectively). Caitlin and Bibi took 3rd and 4th, respectively in Female Youth C. Judith took 4th place in Female Juniors. Nic took 2nd in Male Youth B and Emily took 2nd in Female Youth B.

Qualification for Nationals is based on a formula that involves how many competitors there are in each category across the nation. Therefore, there were a very limited number of invitations for Nationals. In many categories there was only a single invitation – meaning that if you didn’t place first you wouldn’t be going to Nationals.

We had several VERY close placements. In fact, Emily was within a hold or two from a first place finish and earning an invitation to Nationals. And Nic was only points away. That’s the differences of either an attempt or hand hold. It was that close. Caitlin as well, was just one place away from earning an invitation. It’s always a difficult thing to deal with being so very close and just missing it. But at the same time, there’s no doubt that they gave it all they could and should be proud of their finishes.

Chloe, Judith, and Theo will all advance to Nationals which will be held in Boulder, Colorado on February 18-20.

Overall the Oklahoma Climbing Team placed 4th among all teams present – which is incredibly impressive.

The coaches, Chris, Jacquelyn and Aaron are extremely proud of their team – it’s been a great bouldering season, and we are now looking forward to Nationals and the upcoming Sport Climbing Season.

Results for our team look like this:

Theo – 1st place Male Youth D
Chloe – 1st place Female Youth D
Caitlin – 3rd place Female Youth C
Bibi – 3rd place Female Youth C
Bailey – 8th place Female Youth C
Nicholas – 2nd place Male Youth B
Colby – 9th place Male Youth A
Emily – 2nd place Female Youth A
Judith – 1st place – Female Junior

Post 8/5/10

Tryouts for the Oklahoma Climbing Team will be on Sunday, August 29th at 6:30 pm. First practice of the season is Tuesday, September 7th. The team is headed to Grapevine, TX on April 14 for their next competition.